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The Light In Your Eyes

Theo Bascopolis wasn't born a rentboy. This is the story of how he became one, and how he eventually left the business because someone loved him enough to ask him to stop. However, when his lover has to go out of town -- again -- Theo starts to worry that it's the beginning of the end. Removed for Publication...

How to Handle a Gay Son

Jack Matheson's reaction to the news that his son is gay. Completed...


These are stories about secondary characters introduced in Mann of My Dreams. In series...

Home For The Holidays

No one should be alone at Christmas. Lieutenant Tinker 'Andy' Anderson brings Colonel Edward Carruthers home for an old-fashioned holiday. Complete...

Short Stories

I Will Meet You In Asphodel's Pit

In another galaxy, in another time, a man bred from birth to be a Protector must leave his lover in order to carry out his duty. However, before he leaves, he promises to meet him at Asphodel's Pit, which is one of the oldest dives on the space station circling Fortis 4. Complete...

Poor Wand'ring One

In order to raise cash to save their farm, Roddy Sayer and his long time lover, Charlie Allnutt, go on an archeological dig. However, someone at the site isnít paying attention to the warnings left behind, and a millenniaís-old curse is released. Complete...

Just a Matter of Time

Tony Fitzhugh and Roan Sinclair are more than roommates, but they're also detectives, and they need to keep that aspect of their relationship under wraps. They think they're doing a good job of it until they get back the pictures they took at a friend's wedding. Complete...

About Me

I'm what you might call a hopeful romantic, and if you see my name on a story, it will have a happy ending.

I've been writing since 3nd grade, (fortunately, none of that survived) and was on the staff of my high school magazine. In college, my English 101 professor would read my essays aloud, which tickled me no end.

On and off throughout the years, I continued to write, and most of those snippets, ficlets, and what-have-you did survive. One of those became the premise for I Will Meet You at Asphodel's Pit.

In 1999 a friend who was a rabid fan of La Femme Nikita (the TV show, not the movie), got me into fandom. The first time I wrote something, a poem riffing off The Night Before Christmas to celebrate the group's anniversary, and got feedback on it, I was stunned. I had no clue people would do that.

Later that fall, while I was happily writing Torture Twins het, my friend came across slash and shared her discovery with me. Pretty boys doing hot things to each other - what was not to like? She challenged me to write in the Love and Human Remains fandom, which I did, and from that point on, het was a thing primarily of the past.

And then came the Sunday afternoon when AMC aired Them! Of course, this was still when the 'Classics' in the title actually meant classics, and not dreck like Sheena. Sorry. /rant It became obvious to me that the director had it all wrong. Bob (the Jim Arness character) didn't fall for the heroine, he fell for Ben (the James Whitmore character). So I rewrote the story, keeping Ben alive.

From there I went on to Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen (why yes, I do like Humphrey Bogart, how did you guess? *g*), the Kongs - King and Son of, and various creature features of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I've also slashed TV shows such as Stargate: Atlantis, CSI: Miami, Crossing Jordan, The Sentinel, and JAG, and last spring added Bones to the mix. (well, hell, if the writers and showrunners can't do it right, we'll just have to!)

My signature line, a quote by Ernest Hemingway, says it all: Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure, only death can stop it.

So yeah. They'll have to pry my cold, dead fingers off my keyboard.