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B & G

Brent Collins, a new professor in the Music Department of a mid-western university, makes friends quickly among his students and his colleagues, but his resolve to stay in the closet are tested when he meets a very sexy electrician from Buildings and Grounds. Completed


Set in a mid-size city in western North Carolina, this story is about three men, one a high school senior, one a thirty-something, and one recently retired, as each looks for the person who can supply him with sex, companionship, and - most of all -- love. Completed

Key Lime Pie and Custard

Two men, two cultures. One bus tour of Florida. Can opposites attract? Will and Graham begin a journey of a lifetime. (Written with Drew Hunt) Completed

Don't Wanna Be Lonely Tonight

Bax loves the elegant auburn-haired, brown-eyed Russ and thinks they've settled into a life of comfortable domesticity. Imagine his surprise when Russ gives up a lucrative job as a financial consultant and goes on the road as lead singer and guitarist in a country music group. Completed

Out Of The Night

Doug, who has recently left a college teaching position in Ohio under difficult circumstances, has chosen to live more or less in exile in the small Central Florida town of Lake Polk. His first glimpse of Stan finds Doug on his feet, Stan kneeling before him . . . in church. The two are instantly attracted to each other and before long become partners. But their partnership has repercussions for Stan, who's the newly-appointed city manger, and for Doug, a lay minister at his church. Completed

Uncle Phil's Legacy *New*

Jeff Elder is estranged from his parents because he is gay. He moves to live with his uncle and mentor in Lake Polk, Florida. When Uncle Phil dies suddenly, Jeff inherits the house as well as Agatha, Phil's classic Auburn car. In a joke from beyond the grave, Phil bequeaths his rare and expensive dildo collection to Jeff's uptight parents. Jeff is pretty much alone in the small town, but through Agatha he manages to make friends. Paul Moretti is a mechanic who regularly services the car, and would like to service Jeff, too. Sam Dudek works at the local family-owned hardware store. He also has a classic car. He and Jeff soon discover cars aren't the only thing they have in common. Will Sam and Jeff's ride to true love be a smooth one, or will Paul manage to throw a wrench into the works? In Series...

Colby Stories

Brody Comes Home

After spending four years in the Marines, much of that time in Iraq, Brody Cox comes home to Higgins, Ohio, a small town near Colby, the site of Colby State University, where he enrolls. He's faced not only with adapting to civilian life once more but also with the challenges of living as an openly gay man in the town where he grew up. Completed

A Writer's Romance

Ben Moss has a good day job with the Public Information Office of Colby County. But he secretly writes successful straight romances. He's also working on a "serious" novel about a man who is, like himself, gay. Is there time in all of this for Ben to have a romance of his own? Completed

Justin's Rock

Justin graduates from high school and decides to attend Colby State so he can keep an eye on his recently widowed mother. His high school lover goes to college out of state. But Justin meets new people at the university, including Bailey, a straight guy with whom he becomes close friends. Completed

Cop Out

Jim Grant, a career detective in the Colby force, is recuperating from an injury that leaves him partially crippled for life. On his way back from recuperative leave, he meets CSU history professor, Jake, who's an active member of the Colby gay community. Completed


Joe Hill thinks of himself as an ordinary guy with an appropriately anonymous sort of name. He discovers that some other Colby residents think he's extraordinarily good looking. Completed


An inscription in the front of a book sets new CSU professor Adam Craig on a hunt for the identity of the writer. Along the way he meets a sexy bookseller in Ann Arbor and an equally sexy student in one of his classes. Completed

Last Year's Model

Ray Stonesifer, whom we first met in "Cop Out," is now a detective sergeant in the Colby Police. He finds that police work isn't nearly as exciting as it's portrayed on television and in books. Perhaps as a kind of cosmic compensation, he meets a very handsome, if somewhat reclusive, former fashion model, now a student at CSU. Completed


Dan Cole disappoints his parents when he decides not to go to college after high school. Instead he tries a career as a mixed martial arts fighter. After a little over two years, however, he realizes he'll never make it in MMA. With his parents' help, he hies himself off to college. Specifically, to Colby State, the alma mater of both his parents. And at Colby, he rooms with a guy he once had a match with: Casey Shaw. Completed

Cedric Moves On

Cedric Jones has been living at home and working in his father's Cleveland firm since he passed his bar exam two years ago. Still haunted by a broken relationship, he is offered a job in Colby, Ohio . . . a chance to put some distance between himself and his old life . . . a chance to move on. Although they will all be new to Cedric, many of the people he meets in his new life will be familiar to readers of the "Colby" series. Completed

Tim's Shorts

Albert's Noel

It's early Christmas morning. Very early. Driving through a blizzard on his way home after the midnight Eucharist, Albert Ronsard stops to pick up a stranded motorist. Completed

Deep Heart's Core

A tale of love lost . . . and, after many years, recovered. Completed


It's a Saturday night in Colby. The camera eye looks in on what ten couples are doing to finish off the evening. Completed

Danish Document

A recently-discovered manuscript suggests that things in Elsinore were not quite as Shakespeare portrayed them. Completed


Have you ever sent something embarrassing to the wrong person via email? It could happen easily enough: merely click on the wrong name in your contact list. Brian does exactly that, and he fears the moment of carelessness could have disastrous effects on his career. Completed

Beautiful Music

Scott Wainwright, professor at a prestigious conservatory of music, thinks of himself as a concert pianist and, yes, a teacher. He's upset when his department chair insists that he be the accompanist to a young violinist, one of his colleagues, in an upcoming recital. As he says, he didn't train to play "second fiddle" to some fiddler. Completed

Billy Budd

Professor Sloane falls in love with one of his students. Risky business . . . for their reputations and for Sloane’s heart. The story seems to involve blackmail and deceit. But who’s deceiving whom? Is sweet, beautiful William what he appears to be? Completed

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