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Beyond Salvation
Not all friendships last forever, but does that mean they are truly beyond salvation? When two former childhood friends are thrown together in dramatic circumstances what might happen? Can they overcome their differences? Will they be driven further apart? Or will their lives be forever changed by something altogether different? Complete...
Mardi Gras Murders
Welcome to a world where everything is not as it seems. A hotshot young police office, Rick Cooper, has been posted to an inner city station, just prior to the staging of the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. His appointment is in part a political one, as his superiors seem to know more about Rick's past than even he cares to remember. What no one is quite prepared for however, is for that past to catch up with him. Nor are they prepared for the events that follow! Can Rick survive his first few days on the job? And can the fledgling relationship with the new man of his dreams weather the storm that is about to engulf them? Only time will tell!!! Complete...
After We Danced
When you've grown up with someone beside you every step of the way, he's going to be more than just your best friend . . . he's your partner in crime, he's your brother in arms, and he's so much more! ...But when you are seventeen years old and you come to the realisation that you are gay, is this something you can share with him? Would he accept you for who you are, or would he turn you away? ...Or would his reaction be something entirely different? Perhaps he might have a secret of his own? There's only one way you're going to find out . . . and after that, well, who can know just what surprises might be in store for you? Complete...
The Rip
My grand-father always used to say that everything that happens to us in life happens for a reason. And when we look back on our lives there are some moments that just seem to stick in our minds forever and I can now see what he meant by that.
For Scott Fraser there was one such moment that he remembers well. It was the time when, as a teenager, he saved the life of a young boy who was about to be swept out to sea.
What he couldn't have prepared himself for, however, was what would happen when that same boy comes back into his life some years later . . .Complete...
Song For Guy
The new kid in town was quite the looker, but for Tim Patterson: gay, seventeen years old and single, he didnít think heíd stand a chance . . . even with his best mate, Ben Walker doing his best to interfere! What he didnít count on, however, was that the new kid in town had a secret of his own, and that the two of them were more alike than anyone could realise. And so it begins. Boy meets boy . . . and everything that they both hoped for looked like it was falling into place, despite their fears and the pressures of friends and families. Can they truly make it work? Can they avoid the pitfalls that seem to come with young love . . . and if they canít, will they be able to pick up the pieces and find a way to work it all out? It looks like only time will tell!
Leaving home for the first time and heading out into the big, wide world to forge a life for yourself can be a daunting thing for anyone . . . unless, of course, you have your best friends right there beside you, sharing the experience with you, the ups and downs, the highs and lows . . .
...We first met Matt and Luke, Tim and Guy, and all of their friends in After We Danced, The Rip and Song For Guy. Now they are living together in the small town of Thompsonville, a place they had quickly come to love . . . and their adventures have begun! Complete...
A Good Place
For successful young author, Tony Scott, coming home is a daunting prospect. It has been five years since he left Thompsonville behind, to go and chase his dreams. Five years since he has seen the only place he has ever been able to call home, the only people he has been able to call family, and the only man he has ever been able to love!
When the idea of a party to celebrate an anniversary is raised he knows it is too good an opportunity to pass up, and so he decides to take a chance. If he is ever to find happiness, he knows he must face the mistakes of his past. He must face those he left behind.
What will he find when he steps back in time? Will the place have changed, or will it still be that sleepy seaside town he had so quickly grown to love as a sixteen year old? Will he be welcomed back into the fold, or will he be shunned?
The only way to find out would be to step off that bus and knock on that door. Only then will he truly know if he really is in a good place!
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Short Stories

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The Baxter Boys
When Mike receives a panicked phone call in the middle of the night from his nephew Danny, neither one of them knew where it would take them... Completed
While I Was Sleeping
When we set out on life's grand journey, none of us ever quite know just what to expect, do we? Can we ever know just what, or who, might be around that next corner? But still, we move forward just the same, in the hope of finding whatever it is that we are looking for. What happens, though, when our past and our futures come together? Will our secrets be revealed? Will the new life we have forged be torn down? Or does our true self stand up to be counted? Completed
Armistice:A Thompson River Tale
War! Is there anything on earth that even comes close with regards to causing heartbreak, for tearing apart relationships and families, and for leaving dreams shattered?
History is littered with the shells of the broken hearts of millions, and yet the wars never end. And when a war reaches a global scale, no one can escape being touched by the horror . . . even those living in small towns half way across the globe from where the fighting is.
So what will happen when, for two young lovers in a small country town during World War 1, the time comes for them to play their part? With one who is bent on doing his duty and another who must stay at home!
Can their love for one another endure the separation? Will they be reunited at wars end? Or will their love be yet another that is torn apart and trampled into the earth by the boots of a marching army? Completed

About Me

A little about Mark Peters…

I always dread it when people say, 'So, tell me about yourself.'

Ummm . . . okay . . . what exactly is it that they would want to know? And why do they want to know it?

I guess the answer to that will depend on a lot of things . . . like the setting or the company being kept at the time.

And then, how much exactly does one share? Should we start at the very beginning and give every little detail, right down to shoe size? Or do we just throw out a few facts and figures, just enough to let folks get a general idea and form an image in their mind; then perhaps leak a few more tidbits if and when the interest level proves great enough?

I have to say, being the reserved kind of person that I am, I think I much prefer the latter of those two options. So now, for better or for worse, here is my story . . . or as much as you're going to find out in one sitting . . . as one of my newer characters says.

First things first . . . I'm Australian. I'm a country boy. I still live on a small farm near to the town where I did most of my growing up (pop. 25,000) and most of my stories are set in rural places just like this town. I raise and show horses and poultry and run my own small business, which keeps me busier than I would like.

For as long as I can remember I've always loved reading and even as a kid I liked writing . . . one time I even tried to get one of my school exercise books into my mothers typewriter so I could write a book! Go figure!

During high school I did quite a bit of writing, though always under the pen-name of 'Anonymous'. I remember being quite chuffed when something I had written was accepted for the School Year Book (a couple of poems I think). This was all before the days of computers and my girlfriend of the time would type them up for me (practice for when she would become a secretary she said -- she later became a nurse! lol).

Of course I knew I was gay back then, but hey, there are images to uphold, you know! I'm sure a lot of you have been there!

After high school the need to earn a living became apparent and so I moved away for about three years to work in a department store. The only writing I seemed to do during that time was to my girlfriend, but like most long distance relationships that didn't last for long, so that writing quickly dried up as well.

In 1996 I changed jobs, into one where computers were an integral part, discovered the internet and thought, 'Wow!'

In 1999 I stumbled across the Nifty site, being both excited and at the same time occasionally appalled at what I read there, and so I decided to give writing another go. With some encouragement from some friends I had met online, my first story, 'After We Danced', started being posted not long after that!

As most of my readers would know, my stories tend to be more about the story than the sex. As a rule they don't contain too much graphic sex and are more about country guys finding love, and hope, and understanding, and acceptance.

Like most writers I have ambitions of one day being published, one way or another, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. In the mean time, my main desire is to provide readers with an enjoyable story that takes them on a ride to some place they haven't been before!

If you read my stories I can only hope that you enjoy them!

Oh, and by the way . . . my shoe size is 10 ½! ;)