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Love on the Rocks

Michael Stewart is a single, 32-year-old entertainment lawyer, a winner at just about everything ... except love. Finding Mr. Right is the last thing on his mind during his holiday in the sun, but he opens his door one day to find the man he immediately and desperately hopes he will spend the rest of his life with. The curve balls and challenges they're thrown along the way sorely test them as they strive to ensure that true love conquers all. Like Batman and Robin, there's a bit of "biff", plenty of "bonk", and the odd "kapow", as Mike and Ty try desperately to avoid 'love on the rocks'...  Completed...

Love on the Rocks - Five Years On

This 'update' of 'Love on the Rocks' picks up five years after the original story ended. Having reunited and vowed that nothing will ever break the bond between them again, Mike and Ty are the happiest they've ever been. Their home life revolves around Ty's loving family (with its new additions) and Mike's family members, and their professional lives continue to go from strength to strength. But the more Ty's career flourishes, and the more high-profile he and Mike become, the greater the challenge becomes for them to stand united. Will outside forces push them closer to 'love on the rocks?' ... or will they achieve the ‘happy ever after’ they yearn for ...?  Completed......

Love on the Rock III - Scott’s Story

In this latest instalment of ‘Love on the Rocks’, the protagonist changes from lawyer Michael Stewart to Scott Hill, the youngest of the three Hill brothers. Chapter One ended with Scott accompanying Ty to a television interview and it’s in the Green Room that Scott meets Nicholas Wright, one of program’s segment producers. It’s love at first sight for them both. Their relationship moves quickly, but Nick has a secret that he’s keeping from Scott, and as their love for each other deepens, Nick realises that he must come clean, knowing he risks losing his one true love. All your favourite characters from the first two books return, and you’ll meet a great new cast of players.  In Series......

Dick's Male Retirement Ranch

Set in the tropical splendour of Townsville in far north Queensland, 'Dick’s Male Retirement Ranch' is where aged care worker Ryan Russell heads to start a new job attending to the needs of the well-heeled single or widowed Jewish men with a common interest in male-to-male fucking and breeding, and a healthy interest in corporal punishment. Ryan forms a close relationship with ranch owner Richard Charles, and after passing the three-stage audition process, he is offered the job on the understanding that the two golden ranch rules are - condoms are banned, and total nudity is always required. There ensues a tale of steamy sex where every day is a boner bonanza, and the residents are more interested in what’s between a staff member’s legs than what’s between his ears. Check in at reception, shed your clothes and inhibitions, fit your cock ring and sample everything Dick’s Male Retirement Ranch has to offer...  In Series......

About Me

I am a 38-year-old, divorced man living in Melbourne, Australia ... for me, the greatest place on earth to live.

I had a happy upbringing, the middle child of three siblings. In all my childhood memories, I remember laughing and having fun. I was never an honours student, but I did OK. I finished my secondary education before enrolling at University, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree (majoring in journalism).

In order to help finance my studies, I took a part-time job with a company that handled music licensing for television and film production, a field that fascinated me.

I sucked it all up and, having learned what I thought was everything I needed to know about this profession, I moved to South Africa for several months in my late twenties. I was convinced that the South African film industry desperately needed someone with my unique talents. Turns out they didn't ...

I returned to Melbourne and started my own small company, which I continue to run today. We handle music clearances for producers of television series and movies here in Australia, and occasionally, further afield.

The way it works is ... a producer will decide what music excerpts he or she wants to use in a production, then gets me (or one of the few other people who do this kind of work here) to track down the copyright holders and (a) get copyright clearance and (b) negotiate a fee for usage.

Other times, the producer will send me rushes of what's been filmed, indicating where he wants music, and it's up to me to find something appropriate to fit the vision and the 'theme' of the scene.

It sounds more glamorous than it is! Next time you're sitting in a cinema with your popcorn and a 10-second music grab is used in a scene, just be aware that someone like me probably spent many weeks haggling over its use!

I became a parent at the age of 21 and I now share custody of my teenage son. He remains the most awesome person I have ever known; the greatest blessing in my very fortunate life.

When the original 'Love on the Rocks' was first published online, I was truly overwhelmed by the response to it from readers all over the world.

Its sequel has been a work-in-progress for the past two years, but 'Love on the Rocks - Five Years On' is finally finished!

Ty and Mike and all the characters from the original story are here, and you'll meet some loveable and delightful new members of the extended family as well.

I hope you'll agree it's been worth the wait!


As all the main characters in 'Love On The Rocks' are dinky-di Aussies, they use a lot of expressions not common outside these shores. Here are some definitions for you, starting with...

  • Dinky-di: The real thing, authentic,
  • G'day: The official salutary greeting in Australia. It means "good day", except Aussies use in morning, afternoon and night.
  • Tracky dacks: Track suit pants.
  • Lamingtons: A dessert consisting of squares of sponge cake coated in chocolate icing and then in desiccated coconut. It's un-Australian not to like them. A bit like Vegemite...
  • Knackers: Aussie-speak for testicles. Ditto "hangers', "danglers", "nads", "boys down under", etc.
  • Cracked the sads: Feeling a bit down.
  • Strewth: An exclamation of surprise or frustration. Apparently derived from "God's truth" (although I have nothing to back this up)
  • Crikey: A word used to describe surprise, alarm or fear.
  • Fair dinkum: True or genuine
  • Whaddaya reckon?: "What do you think?"
  • Pull your head in: Shut up and mind your own business
  • Pash: A passionate kiss
  • Bangers: Sausages. When served with mashed potato, ‘bangers ‘n mash.’
  • Doona: A duvet, quilt, or comforter.
  • Blimey: See ‘Crikey.’
  • Doin' the Bizzo: Having sex
  • Doozy: Something outstanding or unique
  • Fairy bread: Sliced white bread spread with butter and covered with hundreds and thousands (sprinkles), which stick to the spread.
  • Chocolate crackles: The breakfast cereal Rice Bubbles and dessicated coconut mixed with Copha butter and chocolate. (Similar to the American Rice Krispies Treat).
  • Cheezels: Made from corn and rice, Cheezels are a crisp, puffy ring with a strong Cheddar cheese smell and taste. (Similar in texture to America’s Cheetos.)
  • Chemist shop: Pharmacy; drugstore
  • Milk bar: Soda parlour
  • Lolly shop: Candy store
  • Chuck A U-Ey: Make a u-turn
  • Drongo: A stupid or incompetent person