David, dirty and sweaty, his T-shirt thrown over his right shoulder, trudges exhaustedly up the steps from the stadium toward the gym. 'That shower is going to feel damn good.' He thought. He had just finished another practice with his high school track team and his first real track meet would be Friday. He heard footsteps overtaking him from behind.

"Just look straight ahead, David. Don't let on that I am talking to you." It was John Close, his sister's boyfriend and tight end on the football team. He ran track in the off season to stay in condition. Next year he would be on the university football team and conditioning was more important now than ever before.

"In a few minutes all you sophomores are going to be initiated into the track team. You're going to be embarrassed as hell but you will not be hurt. I'll make sure of that. Just keep smiling and laughing like you are having fun." John was already past David, headed for the gym. David watched John's well formed ass climb the steps ahead of him and wandered what it would be like to feel them with his hands. 'Tight end' seemed to be a good description for John.

'An initiation, huh? I never heard about that. Well, I'll just have to trust John.'

* * *

David's early childhood was as normal as could be. He was one of two children in a middle class family of two parents who loved him and made sure he was safe and secure. He grew up in a typical middle class neighborhood and never lacked for playmates. David's sister Katlin, Kate for short, was two years older than he and had a lot of tomboy in her. She was as comfortable in pants as she was in frilly dresses. Kate's natural curiosity coupled with a strong spirit of adventure was a formula for potential disaster; she relished instigating crazy schemes that pushed the limits. Of course, she had to have an accomplice and David was more than willing. Although they had normal sibling rivalries and disagreements, they actually were very close friends sharing many private thoughts.

David had vivid memories of one particular morning when he was ten years old. He awoke to hear Kate in the bathroom crying and calling for her mother. Thinking that Kate might be in trouble, he got out of bed to see if he could help but his mother went into the bathroom ahead of him and closed the door. He knocked on the door and asked if there was anything he could do. After several minutes his mother opened the door and told him everything was okay, to go on about his business. A few days later David and Kate were alone in Kate's room and he asked her what happened. She bluntly told him she had started menstruating and had her first period. David was clueless and asked for an explanation. Kate went to the family room and came back with a paperback book titled, "Woman's Body: An Owner's Manual." Over the next few days Kate proceeded to educate David about the female reproductive system. It was so typical of the way she did things. When presented with a new challenge she jumped in with both feet, to hell with the consequences. If there was something she wanted to know, she found out. Although David found the topic interesting, he was also somewhat nonplused.

The closer David got to puberty, the more he realized girls did nothing for him sexually. He knew he was more interested in boys. However, being that the family attended Sunday school and church regularly and David received instructions about homosexuality, he was conflicted. His parents and the church taught him to love people and be tolerant. But he had feelings that were contrary to what he was taught. He concluded his feelings were not 'normal' and he tried to suppress them. Early one morning, a few weeks after his thirteenth birthday, David had been having an exceptionally erotic dream about his best friend, Herald (Harry). They were naked in the woods behind Harry's house and David was brushing his hands all over Harry's body. David began to feel like he needed to piss but it was different. Suddenly his body jerked a couple of times and he moaned loudly. At that moment he awoke and found a wet substance soaking his briefs.

"Ohhhhh damn!" David groaned thinking he had pissed himself. He jumped out of bed before any fluid could leak onto the sheets, grabbed another pair of briefs and ran into the bathroom. Upon examination, David could see the liquid was not urine, it was a slightly milky fluid. Just as he finished cleaning himself up and pulled on his clean briefs, without knocking, Kate OPENED the door.

"You okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, I think so." David said as he tried unsuccessfully to hide the wet briefs.

"What happened?"

"I...I'm not sure."

"Well, can I use the bathroom?"

"Sure." David said and he hurried back to his bedroom. A few minutes later Kate entered his room and sat down on the edge of his bed. She already had a pretty good idea about what had happened. A couple of her male friends had brazenly confided in her about their first emissions.

"You want to tell me about it?" Kate asked.

"Okay." David replied after some hesitation. He proceeded to tell Kate about his dream and the fluid that came out of his penis. But instead of Harry, he substituted the name of a good-looking girl he knew at school.

"Congratulation, Davie! (Kate was the only one who could call him that, and then only in private.) You just had your first wet dream. That means your turning into a man." Kate was obviously excited, probably more so than David. She immediately ran to the family room and returned carrying a paperback book titled, "Man's Body: An Owner's Manual." Again, over the next few days Kate and David learned all about the male reproductive system. Very few boys need instruction on how to masturbate and David was no exception. Soon he was experiencing the pleasures of self satisfaction provided by his own hand. Secretly he reread that owner's manual Kate had shown him and learned everything it had to offer about male sex. At age fourteen David was a high school freshman and had to participate in gym class twice a week. The sight of all those boy bodies in the locker room and shower proved to be a real challenge when it came to not getting an erection. He did notice, however, that his equipment seemed to be among the largest of the group and that boosted his self-confidence. One thing everyone had to do in gym class was run. David discovered that running seemed to greatly reduce the stress produced by the conflict about his homosexuality. The more he ran the more accepting he felt about himself and his situation.

As the end of his freshman year approached, Kate's junior year was coming to a close and that meant "Junior Prom." One Tuesday David finishes his after-school run and walks to his room. Before he can close the door, Kate hurriedly rushes in after him.

"Davie, can we talk?" The usual warning flags went off in David's head. Kate never wanted to 'just' talk, but he knew he would go along with whatever crazy scheme she wanted.

"Can it wait until after my shower?"

"Now is really a better time." Kate prodded. "Okay if I close the door?"

"Sure." David could clearly sense trouble brewing. He sat down on the edge of his bed and waited for Kate to spring her trap. After closing the door, Kate sat down next to her brother.

"Well...! Ha...wh...ah..."

'Kate is stuttering. She never stutters!' David thought. 'This is going to be BIG!'

"Okay, out with it!"

"How do you masturbate?" Kate blurted it out without hesitation.

"Siiis!" David exclaimed, his voice starting high then falling and rising again at the end. "Isn't that just a little personal?"

"Yes it is. But I have to know."


"Next week is the Junior Prom and I intend to explore the inside of my date's pants. I want to know how to correctly deal with what I find there."

"Oh my God. You can't be serious!"

"Yes I am. You know me."

David thought for a second and realized she was right, he did know her. "Look, it's real simple." He made a fist with his left hand and extended his middle finger. "You wrap your hand around the penis and do this." David's right hand began the standard jerk-off motion with his left middle finger. "That's all there is to it." And he stopped.

"Let me see your penis." Kate asked, it was almost a demand.

"What?" David exclaimed. "You've seen my penis lots of times. Why do you want to see it now?"

"I haven't seen you since you went through puberty and I'm sure it's different. Just take your shorts off and let me see it."

David was having a real hard time accepting Kate's request/demand. So far the conversation had not turned him on so he didn't have a boner to hide. Maybe if he gave her a look she would leave him alone. He stood up and pushed his shorts and jock strap over his hips and let them fall to the floor. Then he sat back down. "There!" He stated.

Kate just sat there staring down at her brother's crotch with her eyes wide open. She studied David's flaccid penis and testicles. She had only seen pictures and drawings before; this was different.

"Can I touch it?" She begged excitedly.

"NO!" David shouted as he covered his genitals with his hands.

"Please, Davie. I just want to know what it feels like. Please." Kate was working her magic and had her brother in her spell like always.

"Okay, but just a quick touch."

Kate extended her right hand, slid her fingers under David's penis and closed them tight. Instantly the chambers of his cock began to fill with blood. Not since he was a child had anyone but himself touched his prick. The sensation overpowered him and he gasped.

"I didn't give you permission to do that!" David grunted through clenched teeth.

"Wow! It's getting bigger...and harder! Oh wow!" Kate said excitedly, completely ignoring David's comment. David reached a full, almost six-inch erection in a matter of seconds and Kate kept her fingers wrapped tightly around it. She was totally astonished by how the system worked. A moment later Kate released David's cock grabbed hold of his testicles and fondled them in a less than delicate way.

"Ouch! That hurts! Don't be so rough!"

"These are where you produce sperm, right?" David just nodded his head. "That's neat...really neat." Kate released David's balls and regained control of his cock. "Now, show me how to masturbate."

"Kate, we shouldn't be doing this."

"I know. Now show me." She wasn't to be stopped now; the objective was in sight, in hand, so to speak.

"Give me your left middle finger." David stated. He thought if he demonstrated on her finger, perhaps she could more closely duplicate the grip and the action. Kate extended her left middle finger and David proceeded to demonstrate how she should do it. After about four strokes Kate pulled her left hand away and began working on David's cock with her right hand. The result was instantly satisfying; she had the perfect grip and motion.

"Just a little tighter." David instructed as he began to breathe a little harder. "Yeah, that's it." And he leaned back on his elbows letting his head fall back so he would be looking at the ceiling if his eyes were open, which they weren't. Soon he raised his head and looked down at Kate's hand stroking up and down his rigid member.

"You better stop now; I'm going to cum, er...ejaculate."

"Good! I want to see that." Kate knew exactly what she wanted. "What's that?" She asked about the liquid seeping from David's piss slit.

"Ohh!" David moaned. "That's...I don't know. It just happens; it's real slick. Use your thumb to spread it around the head. Ohh, I'm almost..." David was now panting and his hips were squirming like he was trying to hold back. "Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oh God!" David's nuts released their sperm, which mixed with his seminal fluid and shot from the end of his cock splattering on his chest and abdomen. Kate continued to stroke.

"STOP! STOP!" Davis shouted as he grabbed Kate's right wrist to prevent her from stroking any more. "It hurts! The head, it's too sensitive!" He fell back onto the bed.

"You okay?" Kate asked with deep concern. She honestly feared she hurt her brother and it bothered her. She never meant to do that.

"Yeah. Just...give me...a minute." David managed to say between gasps. That's about the time Kate noticed her hand was covered with cum and she released David's penis.

"Is this semen?" She brought her hand to her nose and sniffed it.

"Yeah. Guys call it cum." David announced. Suddenly he felt like shocking his sister. "If it gets inside your pussy you get pregnant."

"Oh." That was Kate's short reply as her eyebrows rose on her forehead. 'I got her' David thought.

"What do you do with it now?"

'Now I can really gross her out' David thought. "Well, you can eat it like this." He scooped some up with his fingers and placed it in his mouth.

"Oh yuck!" Kate grimaced. 'Got her again' Dave thought and he smiled at his success. But, not so fast. He watched as Kate lifted her hand to her mouth, extended her tongue and licked a large glob of his cum off her hand. Her face twisted in several directions at once. Then she looked like nothing was wrong. "That wasn't so bad. A little salty, but not so bad." David almost fainted.

'I'm gay and my sister has balls.' David thought. 'Can it get any more bizarre than this?'

"I predict you're going to make a lot of girls happy." Kate said with a grin.

"Don't count on it." David replied. It was one of those instantaneous comebacks that get spoken without thinking. The instant the words passed his lips David wished he could grab them and stuff them back into his throat. David saw a puzzled look appear on Kate's face.

Kate reached out and took hold of his flaccid penis again. "Look how puny it is now." That was the final straw. David removed Kate's hand from his cock and stood up. He needed to explain a few things to his sister.

"Okay, Sis. There are some things you need to learn. First, every guy loves his cock; it's like his best friend. And, it's a cock or a prick or a dick, never a penis or a peter. Second, it is either hard or soft; it is never puny. Third, any derogatory comment about a guy's cock is an insult, a threat, especially coming from a girl. So be careful what you say about it. I have to shower now." David turned and walked out of his room. Just as he passed through the doorway he heard Kate.

"Thanks, Brother. You've been a big help. I'll always remember this."

'So will I' David thought as he closed the bathroom door. On Friday of next week, Kate was dressed to kill and waiting for her date to arrive. David stood in the doorway to her room.

"Wow! You sure look beautiful. Care to take me instead?"

"Thanks doll. I'm sure you'd be a lot of fun (she winked) but I already have a hot date."

"Who's the lucky guy?"

"Wait and see. I'm going to make him wait for at least ten minutes, maybe fifteen, before I come down stairs. That should give you plenty of time to loo k him over ('Or check him out' David thought).

"No, really. Tell me who it is." He begged in his best brotherly manner.

"Okay, it's Max."

David couldn't think of any 'Max' immediately. "You mean Steve Maxwell, the forward on the basketball team?" David exclaimed.

"The one and only."

"Wow! You sure know how to pick'em. He's hot!" For the second time in less than two weeks David had expressed himself truthfully, possibly to his detriment. For the second time in less than two weeks he watched the same puzzled look appear on Kate's face.

"See you down stairs." He turned, flew through Kate's bedroom door and bounded down the stairs. He had to get away from Kate before he said any more stupid things and before she saw him blush. He just hoped she hadn't really heard him. And if she had, he hoped she would forget. Half way down the stairs the doorbell rang. David was on the door before the ring stopped and yanked it open. There stood Steve Maxwell in the flesh. Or, at least he was dressed in a tuxedo. He was only a High School Junior but he was already 6'3" tall, had blond hair and an orthodontist enhanced smile. He was hot and David instantly had thoughts about what he would like to do to Steve, sexually.

"Hi, Mr. Maxwell." David extended his hand. "I'm David." Max grasped David's hand and shook it twice and released it.

"Please call me Max, David. I'm not old enough to be a 'Mr.'" They both laughed.

"Kate is almost ready' she'll be down in a few minutes." David turned and yelled, "Kate, Max is here." About that time David's parents walked into the entry and took charge of the situation. David continued to stare at Max. He wandered if Kate would actually masturbate Max tonight. If Kate would take him along he would be glad to do it for her. "I'm sure you're going to have a really, really good time tonight." David said with a wide grin. Then he began to wander of he had gone too far and decided to make a quick exit and went to his room. Several minutes later he heard Kate and Max say goodnight to his parents and the door closed.

David slept a little later than usual the next morning, which meant he got a late start on his morning run. He had not heard Kate when she came in so he didn't know how late she stayed out. At the end of his run he went into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of Gatorade from the refrigerator and went back outside to sit on the back steps to cool down. After about twenty minutes, the sweat had dried from his T-shirt and he just finished his Gatorade when he heard the back door open and Kate walked out. Just as she sat down beside him, David turned toward her and issued forth with an enormously loud and long belch.

"God, Davie, that's gross." Kate responded as she recoiled from the sound. David smiled. There was nothing he liked better than grossing out his sister.

"Have a good time last night?"

"Oh yeah. We danced and had lots of fun." Brother and sister were quiet for several moments. Kate was playing with David and they both knew it.

"Did you? You know you have to tell me." Kate didn't answer immediately.

"Yeah, I know, but you can't tell."

"I never do. Do I?"

"No, you never have; even when it would have saved your ass." Kate smiled at her life long accomplice. "Yes, I did it." She said proudly, almost bragging. David remained silent. He knew Kate would tell him everything if he waited long enough.

"We double dated with John Close and Sally Hawkins; John drove so Max and I got the back seat. After leaving the Prom, John drove to a favorite spot where all the kids park and we started to kiss and make out. I could tell Max was hot and it didn't take us long before we were lying down in the back seat. I found his zipper and pulled it down, waiting for him to stop me. But he didn't. He moved his hand under my dress like he was going to try something with me but I had a head start. I slipped my hand inside his pants, found the opening in his boxers, and quickly found his p-prick. The head of his prick was already wet so I used my thumb to spread it around while I went up and down. He shot his stuff almost immediately and then passed out. He was worthless the rest of the night. What a wimp! I gota tell you, David, he may be older and taller than you are but you sure got him beat where it counts."

David sat in a trance. Had it not been for the jock strap, his cock would have been sticking out like a flagpole. He was sure he was leaking precum but wasn't about to look down to check. Kate continued.

"So there I sat in the back seat practically alone, listening to John and Sally making out in the front seat. Sally and I had a pact, we were both going to masturbate our dates and see which one could hold out the longest. Well, I have to tell you she got the best end of that deal. She was able to get John off just before he got her off and they took a while to do it. You just wait until Sally and John have a fight. I'll move in and take over." Kate sat quietly for a while as if planning her strategy.

"Wow!" David finally said. "I wish I could have been there." Again he knew he had said the wrong thing so he turned and looked straight ahead. He could feel Kate staring at him. They sat quietly for several minutes then David felt Kate's arm slide over his shoulder.

"Davie, you know I love you. Will you answer me a question."

"Okay." David said hesitantly.

"Are you gay?" David's heart fell into his stomach. He could not breathe. He bit his lower lip and looked up toward the sky as if seeking help from above as tears filled his eyes. Kate felt the sudden tension take control of David's body.

"Yes." He almost whispered the word. It almost didn't want to come out of his mouth. The word was enveloped with sadness.

"It's okay, Davie. I love you." Kate said as she pulled him to her and hugged him. "Do Mom and Dad know?" David shook his head back and forth.

David stood up. Without looking at Kate he announced, "I need to go running some more." And he took off down the street, heals kicking up behind him. He turned the corner at the end of the block and ran another block before he stopped. He sat down under a tree, pulled his knees to his chest, crossed his arms across his knees, lowered his head to his arms and began to cry. He cried for over ten minutes. Once he looked up to watch a car drive by but he didn't really see it. The tears were caused more by the relief that finally somebody knew he was gay than for any other reason. And he was relieved that that person was Kate. He knew he could trust her. Now he had to admit to himself he was gay. And that hurt too. What about his parents? He had compl etely overlooked then. What would they say? When should he tell them? What would his friends and classmates think? He couldn't imagine. Maybe Kate would help him work it through. When he could cry no longer he stood up and began walking slowly back home.

If David could have talked to a shrink, he would have learned that subconsciously he wanted someone else to know. And it had to be someone he trusted, like his sister. That was why he kept making slips of the tongue the past several days. David needed someone to confide in.

The rest of the Saturday and all of Sunday David was able to avoid Kate and he sensed she was giving him lots of space. The last week of school dragged on unmercifully until Friday at 11:00 AM when everyone was released for the summer. David took his time getting home. When he walked up the stairs and passed Kate's bedroom door he saw her sitting on the edge of her bed looking through her High School Yearbook.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Kate looked up. "Got a minute?" David asked.

"Hi stranger." Kate said cheerfully with a smile. "Sure. Come in and sit a spell." She patted the bed cover beside her. David walked over slowly and sat down.

"I want to apologize."

"For what?"

"For...for...for being me, I guess."

"Davie, you don't need to apologize to me for anything."

"Yes, I do. I've been avoiding you. I'm sorry about that. And...and I'm sorry I am the way I am."

"You mean gay." Kate said, letting her voice drop and trail off at the end.

"Yeah." David replied sadly.

"Sweetheart, that's not a problem for me. But I'm afraid it may be a problem for you. And I want you to know I will always be here for you, to talk about it when you need to talk. Am I the only one who knows?"


"Then you don't have a..." she hesitated, "...a boyfriend?"

"NOoo!" David laughed emphatically.

Kate leaned over so she could look up into David's face. "I'm going to demand a promise from you." Kate said, just as serious as she could be. She had obviously given this some thought.


"You must promise me you will be very careful about choosing your partners and that you will always protect yourself. Because, if I lost you to some horrible disease it just might kill me. Do you understand?"

David knew she was talking about HIV/AIDS. And he also knew she was more serious than he had ever seen her.

"I promise." David said as he looked directly into Kate's eyes. Kate sat back up and hugged her brother tightly.

David and Kate did begin discussing his situation. Since he didn't really have a relationship with anyone, David could see no benefit to going public any time soon. Kate agreed. Also, Kate could see nothing to be gained by telling their parents. If anything changed, they would reexamine their plan.