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Trials and Tribulations

His grandparents were taken away from him in a horrible accident, his mother taken from him by cancer, and Andy is forced to come to terms with his sexual orientation. He does this while facing bullies and becoming caught up in a murder investigation in a small mining town, nestled away in the Appalachian Mountains of southeastern Kentucky. Come along for the ride as Andy, with help from people he never thought would lend a hand, grows into a man and finds his soul mate. In Series

About Me

I'm just me, no one special, and there's not lot to tell. I just started writing my first story back in November of 2011. The story has an awesome group of people following it and I can't thank them, my team of editors, and my super beta reader, enough.

I would say I'm just a simple country boy, but the truth is, we all are a little complicated in our own way. Politically and socially, I'm liberal on some issues and conservative on others. I always respect others opinions, as long as they respect mine as well. I never push my view point on anyone, nor do I allow others to get in my face with theirs.

I love where I live. The mountain people here in the Appalachian mountains are a prideful people. They generally don't want a hand out, but are quick to give a helping hand. This story takes place in those mountains; and while the characters are taken from my memories of real people's personalities, none of the characters in this story are real, living or dead; nor does the town of Pine Hills exist.

I write this story to remind people that there is always hope, even when there doesn't seem to be any. I believe, and I hope I show it through my work, that as long as we endeavor to be the best person we can be, and not give in to our ugly side, we can lead a successful life, on our own terms.

While Andy may have had material things, he lost very important people in his life, at a young age. However, with a good and loving father, Andy can still grow into a kind and loving man. Joey, became a boy without anything - no social life, no home, and no family. Yet with a good heart and an outstanding character, all those things lost, could be found again, in even greater abundance. Both boys, together with their friends, will take a stand against bullies, intolerance, kidnapping, violence, become entangled in a murder, all while coming to terms with their sexual orientation in a small mining town.

As a saying goes that I'm very fond of, from a series of stories called, The Clan Short Universe, "Sometimes we have to go through bad things, so good things can happen."