The idea for this story began taking shape in my mind at the beginning of 2014. When a series of events left me battling a bout of depression later in the year, writing became my therapy

I wanted to create a world in which gay men could be themselves, without regard to what others thought. This world does not represent the totality of the gay community―just a small slice, with a higher than average testosterone level.

I also wanted a chance to spotlight some people I admire, and to do what many people will consider preaching. Homophobia, political narrow-mindedness, religious intolerance, and bullying, are behaviors I abhor with a passion. The story will, at times, reflect my feelings.

Along the way a few individuals read portions of the story while in process; their encouragement and support kept me writing and brought me to this point. My thanks to Pete, Dave in New Zealand, Ari in Los Angeles, Marc and Max in Australia, Rex, Gary, JoAnn, Scotty, and Kitt. And my eternal gratitude to Mann Ramblings who helped me shape a bunch of words into a somewhat coherent tale. Do not blame him for faults you find in the manuscript; he's only human after all.

I hope you come to love CJ and his dads, as much as I have. Let me know what you think.